A typical day at Ranskill Nursery.

7:30 – 8:50 – The breakfast club children arrive.
9:00 – We do the register together on the carpet, we will also talk about the number/letter of the day and let the children show anything that they have brought in.
9:15 – The children choose from a selection of activities both inside and out. Members of staff will run adult led activities based on the children’s next steps.
10:30 – The children will all stop for a rest and a snack.
10:45 – Before beginning to play again we will all join in with songs, counting or another fun group activity.
11:00 – The children are free to choose an activity, the Nursery staff will support/enhance their learning as they play.
11:50 – Time for a story or some phonics game.
12:00 – Lunch time.
1:00 – Time for the afternoon register and another chance for the children to share things.
1:10 – Physical activity, this can range from dancing, gymnastics or sports outside.
2:15 – Time for a rest, fruit, a drink or a chat about the day.
2:30 – A chance to choose a new activity to play.
3:15 – Time to wind down on the carpet together with a story or another activity.
3:30 – After school club begins with Miss Oakley, art and craft activities.
6:00 – The Nursery closes.

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