A great place to be a toddler.

A great place to be a toddler.

Ranskill Nursery is a great place to send your two year old. Our experienced staff are fantastic at settling your child into their new environment with your support. Our spacious indoor and outdoor learning environments ensure that all of the children have the chance to explore and learn in their own ways and with adult guidance. Our indoor area is large enough so we can provide an area for the children to have a nap if required, they will be regularly be checked on during this nap period. We provide healthy snacks both in the morning and the afternoon too. Our policy for two year olds is below.

Policy statement
At Ranskill Nursery we take children from the age of two. The children and their parents/carers are helped to settle at Nursery by their Key Person as well as the other members of staff (See RNP4.1). During their first term here we will hold a meeting with their parents/carers to discuss their Child and the two year progress check.

Our environment
We make sure that we have a suitable environment for all of our children, however we realise that special steps must be taken when working with two year olds.
We ensure that our environment is:
• Dependable so the children know where things are.
• Experimental so the children can try/learn new things.
• Peaceful so the children are able to rest and relax.
• Natural so the children can explore the outside world.
• Physical so the children can be active.
• Sensory so the children can explore.


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